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Category Business
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Created 2017-09-12
Owner angelajos009998
Title D.O RFID Group Brings the Best NFC Tags for Customers
Description Are you looking for high quality NFC tags? D.O RFID Group, a very popular company based in China, has a wide variety of tags, such as NTAG203 NFC tag, NTAG213 NFC Tags, NTAG215 NFC tags, NXP ICODE NFC Tag and NTAG210 NFC tags. The company also has NFC Stickers, DESFire NFC tag, NTAG216 NFC tag and Social NFC TAGS on offer and you will love to have them.

The company has become one of the biggest producers and suppliers of these tags, and offers them in the domestic and international markets at very affordable costs. Set up in 2003, the firm has on metal NFC tag, Topaz 512 NFC TAG, Tag-it NFC tag and many other high grade tags for customers. Each of its tags is known to be high grade and serve as the best solutions for individual, commercial or even industrial needs.

For more information and enquiries, visit http://www.dorfidtag.com/
City Dongguan city
State Dongguan city
Country China
Site http://www.dorfidtag.com/
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